Debunking Stereotypes About Female Pleasure

Debunking Stereotypes About Female Pleasure

We live in a society where talking about sex, masturbation & pleasure is acceptable and fine……until a woman comes into the picture. Men are free to express their manhood, comment on how good they are in bed, or discuss anything sexual.

But, how often have you seen a woman voicing her sexual desires out in open? Despite the 21st century, you’ll be surprised how rare it is.

For women, it’s never been easy. They go from being sanskari to unsanskari real fast. There’s always a tag waiting for them to be assigned. If she is talking about sex out loud or is having pre-marital sex, then she must be a whore. If she’s consulting a gyne, then something must be wrong with her. Or if she’s seen purchasing a vibrator, then…..…not a marriage material?

All of this does nothing, but make women second guess about themselves, their choices, and their sexual preferences. They hesitate to express their sexual needs and wants. Moreover, the majority of them feel guilty after their solo-pleasure session.

For this and a thousand more reasons, female masturbation is a big taboo subject in India. A subject that should be kept as a dirty secret. However, it’s not. Self-pleasure is a wide concept that should not remain only for men. With easy access to sex education, it’s time that we start conversations around female sexual pleasure and encourage our young girls to break free of these taboos & discover themselves without clouded judgment.

Here are commonly found stereotypes or taboos around women’s sexual pleasure that we would love to break!

1. Masturbation is a sign of the inability of their partner to meet pleasure needs

Mutual or solo, masturbation can make you sexually gratified. In any way, it doesn’t mean that your partner is unable to please you. Rather, it is a way where you explore your body and discover your pleasure needs.

2. Masturbation is for the single, lonesome or sexually unhappy

Self-pleasure is often seen as a replacement for partnered sex, but this is far from the truth. Masturbation can never replace your intimate experience with your partner. Rather, masturbation can boost your confidence in bed.

3. Masturbating affects performance in bed

No, masturbating doesn’t affect your performance in bed. Instead, exploring your body through self-pleasure can make you self-aware and confident. It can also help you be more clear with your partner on terms of what works for you and what does not.

4. Sex toys are not body-safe for females

Sexual wellness products and sex toys are completely safe. The majority of them are approved by doctors or are made under the guidance of experts. So if you choose them well, use them carefully and clean them before & after use- you are more than good to go!

These stereotypes are deep-seated in everyone’s mind for a very long time. Therefore, debunking such taboos will not be easy, but every step towards it counts.

Sassiest as a sexual wellness brand, thus, focuses on educating today’s women, encouraging them to embrace their bodies and fearlessly break out of this cage of unwanted rules. Because, above all, we want women to be confident, guilt-free, and satisfied.

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Harshitha Srinivasalu 
Content Writer at Sassiest

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