We believe, Sexual health isn’t just physical, it also encompasses the mind and spirit.

Hi, I am Aishwarya founded India’s first doctor-backed sexual wellness & pleasure brand to enhance the overall personal & sexual wellbeing of women in India. 

Over the years, I have been someone my friends reached for help for their emotional and physical challenges. Even I have had my share of abusive and bad relationships. We women often forget ourselves, our mind and body to balance our full-time careers along with the multiple roles we play in our lives with our partners, families and friends and after all this, I was sick of unwanted taboos we women have been unnecessary nourishing since years. I wanted us to be open about our sexual desires, sexual health issues, pleasure, and traumas. All of this made me realise how big a part - love, physical and mental intimacy played in our lives. And I wanted it to be easier for all of us.

On one side I went out and partnered with the team of doctors like gynaecologists, sexologists, life and relationship coaches and other experts to help you answer all your queries related to sex education, sexual health and open doors for you to share your experiences and traumas to set you free and let everyone know that they aren’t alone and on the other side I made products that were 100% body-safe and naturally made for your sexual wellbeing.

 I believe women are beautiful angels with sparkling silver wings. Sassiest helps them embrace their bodies and discover themselves. Creating a space where women will explore and re-explore their bodies, with confidence, comfort, and never-ending self-love and will never ‘hush’ about their sexual desires, pleasure, sexual health issues and traumas.

I feel, happier women will always raise happier families. My mission is to make women fall in love with themselves so they lead us to the better future.

Backed by Doctors

India's first doctor-backed sexual wellness & pleasure brand bridging the gaothat not only helps people understand more about sexual health issues like vaginal dryness, painful intercourse but also the very first brand to where

Seek Help From Certified Professionals And Get Your Queries Answered- Without Any Judgment.

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