Powering up the game of empowerment!

The three of us didn’t just come together to empower you all, with our venture Sassiest but also to bring about a change in the way we all perceive sex and everything related.

We want to spread awareness, and most importantly openness, on the hush-hush topic! We want Young adults & adults to be able to ask questions freely, to be able to explore their sexual orientation & gender identity and live the way they want. All without being judged & with the right knowledge.

Creating a space where women & anyone from the LGBTQIA+ community will never ‘hush’ about their sexual desires, pleasure, health issues or traumas.

Let's do this - Together!

Aishwarya Dua

Founder & CEO

When life broke me into pieces, I decided to turn everything...

Aishwarya’s Learnings

Karishma Chavan

Co-Founder & CCO

As a premature child, I’ve been dealing with hormonal issues...

Karishma’s Learnings

Dr. Nikita Dound

Co-Founder & CHO

I was always an overweight kid all through my childhood...

Dr. Nikita's Learnings

It’s not always rightly possible to express ourselves or write stories as it has way too much of depth in it. But what’s possible is to try not let world make similar mistakes.