A Lifetime of Love: Comprehensive Pre-Marriage Counseling for Couples and Individuals

A Lifetime of Love: Comprehensive Pre-Marriage Counseling for Couples and Individuals

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Love, trust, commitment, loyalty, communication, and understanding are essential building blocks that form the foundation of a strong and lasting marriage. But how do you go about nurturing these elements in your relationship?

Well, it all starts with identifying potential issues that may arise in your relationship before they become major problems.

This is where pre-marriage counselling can be incredibly beneficial.

It gives you and your partner the opportunity to navigate the challenges of married life even before the BIG DAY. 

So before you tie the knot, take a step towards a fulfilling marriage by nurturing your relationship with the help of our experts.

2 Video consultations With Experts | 30-40 Minutes Each | Private and Confidential | Valid for 3 Weeks | Get Free Woodbath & Yonibath Intimate Wash for Him & Her


Have you met THE ONE and are excited to get hitched? Daydreaming about a wedding and being married may seem similar, but they are quite different. Prepare yourself and your partner for a union of a lifetime.

Lifetime of Love package includes 2 online sessions for heterosexual couples as well as queer couples held by our life and relationship counsellor / intimacy and sexual health coach.

  • Understand the nuances of marriage and recognise the unique challenges that come with being in a marriage.
  • Get a list of questions to ask yourself and your partner before taking the plunge.
  • Comprehend your reasons for marriage and if they provide a solid foundation for a long-term, fulfilling marriage.
  • Determine if you are physically or mentally compatible with your partner, and learn to address the issue and work on improving it.
  • Learn the importance of open communication and how to incorporate it into your relationship. 
  • Learn healthy boundaries and how to establish them with yourself and your partner.
  • Recognize potential issues that may occur and how to resolve them.
  • Learn about family planning and determine what works for you and your partner.
  • Learn how to manage and respect individual careers and shared responsibilities.
  • If you are considering marrying your partner.
  • If you are engaged to be married.
  • If you are in a long-term relationship.
  • If you and your partner want to understand the intricacies of marriage before setting the date.
  • It will help you and your partner identify and address potential issues that may arise in your marriage.
  • It will help you effectively communicate, actively listen, and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.
  • It will help you and your partner establish realistic expectations for your marriage.
  • It will help you strengthen your relationship before taking the next big step.
  • It will help you build a strong foundation for marriage and have a happy, healthy, long-lasting marriage.

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At Sassiest, our mission is to foster a sex-positive and inclusive environment where you can feel comfortable and empowered to address your intimate health concerns.

We are India's first doctor-backed sexual wellness brand, bringing a comprehensive approach to sexual well-being. 

With Sassiest, you can trust that your intimate health is in the capable and compassionate hands of our certified experts and doctors. 

So whether you're seeking advice, treatment, or just a safe and supportive space to talk about your intimate health, Sassiest is here for you.

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