Monrose - Stimulator
Monrose - Stimulator
Monrose - Stimulator
Monrose - Stimulator
Monrose - Stimulator
Monrose - Stimulator

Monrose - Stimulator

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A massager that will blow your mind away with suction technology. It is designed to give you a tender kiss of bliss making you feel worthy and special like the queen you are. 

Monrose is also a perfect self-care tool, and a safe choice for your little friend down there. It is safe to be used during pregnancy, please consult your doctor before using it.

This versatile massager can help improve blood circulation and increase sensation, making intimacy more enjoyable. 

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Increase Sensation
Safe During Pregnancy
Increase Blood Flow
Intense Climax
Stimulate Natural Lubrication
Improves 4/6 domains of FSFI score
Replicate Oral Pleasure
Monrose Massager
User Manual
Charging Cable
Size : 60*62*72mm
Colour : Pink
Material : FDA approved 100% Body Safe Silicone & ABS
Finish : Soft Coated
Battery : Built-in lithium battery
Using timing : Up to 60 Minutes
Noise Level : <40dB
Weight : 95 grams
Waterproof : IPX6 100% Waterproof
  • Clean your massager with warm water and a gentle soap before and after you indulge in the act.
  • Use it solo or with a partner. Make sure not to use Monrose for more than 15 to 20 minutes under water.
  • Clean, pat dry, and store in a cool, dry place away from the sun.
  • Make sure to not charge it wet and for more than 1 hour.

Note: Charging cable can look different than what you see here. Do not use your massager with oil or oil-based lubricant to keep it safe.

Key Features

FDA Approved Body Safe Silicone


Pleasure Meets Health

When you're not feeling your best, whether it's mentally or physically, it can really put a damper on your libido. And let's face it, a lack of desire can be a real downer when it comes to getting down and dirty.

If you're not careful, it can quickly turn into a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. 

So, when we said we are combining pleasure and health, to break this cycle and get you back to feeling like your sexy self again!

We meant it! 

Our massagers are carefully and expertly designed to go beyond pleasure. They are made to improve your intimate health and function, in turn helping your physical and mental well-being. 

Pleasure and health go hand-in-hand, and we want to help you bridge that gap between the two with our Sassiest range of massagers. 


Monrose is a full-body personal massager with 10 premium pulsation modes drawing you into euphoric pleasure. 

  • Feel the tingle with Morose that Increases sensitivity of the sensual spots all over your body. 
  • Achieve a climax that will give you the chills with sensuous solo play or with your partner.
  • Awaken the 10,000 nerve endings to feel your body pumping with joy.


Pregnancy being one of the significant times for most women, can also be sexually challenging, with sexual dysfunction being at a high during this period.

From pregnant women being told not to indulge in intercourse to women themselves having a fear of sex can affect the intimacy between partners.

Monrose is a perfect choice since in some cases penetration is forbidden but not stimulation.

  • Enhance intimacy during pregnancy and let go of the fear with Monrose that helps you feel sensual even when you don’t feel the best.
  • Stimulate natural lubrication with intense pulsations that will get you in a state of arousal.
  • Improve 4/6 domains of FSFI score and enjoy your intimate life as a soon-to-be mama.

While Monrose can be used to enhance your intimate health during pregnancy, it is important to note that…. 

You are different, and so are your healthcare needs. 

So talk to our non judgmental gynaecologist to find out if Monrose is the right choice during your pregnancy.

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Monrose is specifically designed as an external massager and oral pleasure and should not be inserted into any cavities. However, erogenous zones on the outside of your body can be explored.

Using Monrose can enhance intimacy by facilitating communication, exploration, pleasure, and bonding between you and your partner. It can also help couples reignite intimacy during pregnancy without involving penetration. Its 10 premium high intensity vibration modes ensure that you have multiple options for exploring your pleasure!

Yes, it is safe as it is for external use only. But before your purchase we recommend you to consult a doctor as every case is different. We have non-judgemental doctor consultations available for the same. Requesting you to head to Sassiest Healthcare.