Slide & Glide Lube

Rs 999.00
Rs 999.00
Lube to give you relief from vaginal dryness and keeps you at bay from any non-STI infections. Made from 100% natural ingredients and pH balanced to keep your V healthier and happier.


No Nasties

Fertility Safe

pH Balanced


Key Ingredients

"Aloe Vera : Enhances natural vaginal lubrication and prevents yeast infections"

"Purified Water : A good old H2o"

"Flax Seeds Extract : Reduces inflammation & keeps skin softer"

"Rose Seeds Extract : Maintains the moisture & gentle to skin"

"Lemon Extract : Maintains pH levels & avoid infections"

"Chamomile Extract : Keeps genital inflammation at bay"

"Grape Seed Extract : Inhibit infectious growth & helps heal wounds"

"Lactic Acid : Reduces genital dryness & keeps it healthy"

"Hydroxyethylcellulose : Natural thickener "

"Sodium Benzoate : Restores the natural hydration of the skin"

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