Suave Pleasure Kit
Suave Pleasure Kit
Suave Pleasure Kit

Suave Pleasure Kit

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For those who love to love, grab this Suave Pleasure Kit for love, solo or partnered. Celebrate pleasure with Sassiest.

Inside the kit - Suave Full Body Massager, Slide & Glide Lubricant, Hush & Blush Intimate Massage Oil and a gift card for you to write a personal note.

Gift of Love
Solo or Partner Play
All nature and Body Safe
Enhance Intimacy
Sassiest Suave Massager, Slide & Glide Lube With Hush & BlushOil
Beautifully Packed In A Kit - Love & Happiness
Message Card - We keep changing the love language ;)

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The Suave Pleasure Kit features the Suave Massager, an effortless and easy handheld massager that can also be used hands-free, making it a perfect option for couples.

The Suave Pleasure Kit is the ultimate package for couples looking to explore new heights of intimacy and pleasure. This comprehensive kit includes the Suave Massager, Slide & Glide Lube, and Hush & Blush Oil, providing everything needed to create a sensual and stimulating experience. With these carefully selected components, you'll be able to set the mood and reach the peak of pleasure with ease.

Before using the massager, we recommend taking a quick read of the guide provided with the kit. It is also recommended to conduct a patch test of the oil and lube before applying it to a larger surface area.